Why I broke up with Wix.
From Wix to WordPress: worth the effort.

From Wix to WordPress: worth the effort. It has taken four weeks, but I am finally done. The amount of work involved in moving from Wix to WordPress was ridiculous, but a penance accepted for the lazy decision I made to use the Wix platform eight years ago.

No matter how attractive and comfortable it may seem, the easy way never is. Here are the 5 reasons why I left Wix, and the 5 reasons why WordPress is a much better solution.

5 reasons why I left Wix

1 – You don’t own your content

This one was huge for me. I had no way to export any of the content that I had spent eight years adding to the Wix platform. I discovered this when I wanted to archive some of the older photos to my home media server. As I dug deeper, I learned that none of the blog posts, contact lists, or site backups were available for local storage. My inner engineer became perturbed.

2- Wix is an architectural nightmare

Wix is sleek and easy to use. The platform allows anyone to build what would otherwise be a highly complex website with a few clicks, drags, and drops. It’s a really cool way to get online fast, but it comes with a price. The platform is a mess and the code it generates yields a site that is slow-loading at best.

3 – Wix is expensive

Wix pulls you in with an elegant, free site, and then hits you hard with the micro-transactions for apps, bandwidth, the ability to use a custom domain, and more. When I left the platform I was spending more than $100 each month just to keep my happy (non-revenue generating) slice of the web running.

4 – When you outgrow Wix, you’re starting over

If you use Wix for your business, there will likely come a time when you outgrow the capability of the platform. When that happens, for all of the reasons listed in point 1, you will be starting over. Trust me when I say that unwinding from Wix is a nightmare. It took four weeks for me to move my little blog. I can’t imagine how much effort would be involved to recreate a more complex site.

5 – Your customers will not find you

For all of the reasons list in point 2, search engines hate Wix. The slow load times, the amount of code needed to make Wix work (that does not support the end-user experience,) and the inability to modify the source code leaves businesses at a loss. Unless your customers are searching explicitly for you, they will not find you.

5 reasons why WordPress is better than Wix.

1 – Your content is your content

WordPress makes it easy to download, backup, and even migrate your content however you like. Your content is your content.

2 – WordPress is powerful

If you have a development background, you can customize the code of the WordPress site until your fingers fall off. If you are not a coder, there is a WordPress plugin to accomplish nearly anything you could hope to on the web. There are also a ton of great “theme” providers that can help alleviate some of the stress associated with making your site look and feel good.

3 – The price tag is easier to manage

Most hosting companies offer WordPress hosting with their most basic levels of service. I picked Flywheel due to the scalable nature of their plans: you only pay for what you need. Between the three sites, each with their own named email and Google Workplace accounts costs about half what I was paying for a single Wix site.

4 – Search engines love WordPress

Between permalinks, SEO plugins, post tags, categories, and interlinking, there is no shortage of paths to make sure that your content is indexed by the most powerful search engines. Plus, without all of the extra code, load times tend to be great (TIP: make sure to uninstall unused plugins and themes to take full advantage.)

5 – You can make your site as simple, or complex, as you like is fairly simple. I did not use anything crazy in terms of graphics or layouts. My goal is to let the content stand for itself. With that said, here are some examples of the complexity you can build into your WordPress site.

Adobe Blogs
The Obama Foundation
Toyota Brasil
Sony Music
Scaled Agile

If you are thinking of making a similar shift, dive in! From Wix to WordPress: worth the effort.

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