What I'm doing right NOW

  • It has been a rocky few months. 😞
    • I had a health scare and was fairly certain that I would fall victim to an early heart attack. After a lot of fighting with insurance, I was able to get the test I need for a clean bill of health. A video about that is below. 👇
    • Jenelle and I have been struggling to in the baby department. 👶 
  • Had a great SAFe Summit in Prague! 🇨🇿
  • We’ve been playing all of the golf. Its great to be back at MacGregor. 🏌️
  • So. Much. Running. 🏃‍♂️
  • Excited for a Fellow retreat in Boulder. ⛰️
  • Reading “Power Failure” and pondering. 💡
  • Oh, and I am considering a run for NC State Senate. 🏛️

Big thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the @nownownow movement
Updated June 4 2023