FinTech Firm

An American Financial Services Corporation specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking and savings products. In service of the client, developed new strategies for better engaging a digital-first customer, maintaining compliance, and building capabilities to rapidly pivot to emerging market opportunities. 

Reimagine the banking experience in affluent neighborhoods to attract millennials and increase branch traffic and profitability through the Cafe branch transformation model. 
– Key Result: Opened three (3) trial Cafe locations
– Key Result: Improved profitability of branches by 15%+
– Key Result: Improved branch traffic by 60%+

 Improve the efficiency of ATM distribution and retooling by optimizing the value stream, limiting WIP, and making all work visible. 
– Key Result: Reduced implementation timelines by 75%
– Key Result: Improved refitting times by 20%

 Improve corporate marketing operations by optimizing the value stream, limiting WIP, and making all work visible through the employ of Agile Marketing methods. 
– Key Result: Delivery cycle times reduced by 83%
– Key Result: Customer engagement improved by 8% 

 Improvement partner relationships to improve employee engagement and reduce time-to-market for key co-brand campaigns. 
– Key Result: Delivery cycles times reduced by 50%
– Key Result: Employee engagement improved by 5% due to collaborative working agreements.