Logistics Firm

A US-based multinational courier delivery service and logistics organization. In service of the client over many years, guided the organization through their digital business and organizational Agility transformation.  

Management Consultant

Merge operating units to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. 
– Key Result: Improved unit profitability 
– Key Result: Improved technology integration resulted in significantly reduced OPEX.
– Key Result: Improved architecture resulted in a reduced in time-to-market

Reimagine the business portfolio to embrace a “customer first” digital experience. 
– Key Result: Organizational redesign reduced the need for two levels of middle-management
– Key Result: Improved architecture resulted in a reduction in time-to-market
– Key Result: Adoption of an “Innovation Mindset” resulted in products that allowed the organization to remain a relevant partner for their largest account. 

Using SAFe, Reduce the number of devices carried by a courier, and reduce device maintenance costs. 
– Key Result: Reduced the number of devices carried by a courier from 3 to 1.
– Key Result: Embracing an iOS framework, the need for daily maintenance was eliminated.
– Key Result: Significant cost savings

Using SAFe, Create a mechanism that allows drivers to quickly identify new businesses, and opportunities, for the sales team.
– Key Result: Enabled the capability for drivers to photo and geotag new businesses, with the information automatically routed to the appropriate sales team. 
– Key Result: Significant increase in new opportunities

Deliver three years of work of project work in five months. 
– Key Result: Leveraging SAFe, reduced product cycle times by 92%
– Key Result: Leveraging an economic decision-making framework, identified the MVP features required for each milestone within the various bodies of work. 
– Key Result: “Survived July” – the sponsoring Executive and team were able to keep their  jobs after successfully delivering the needed work on time.