Laurete Education

Laureate International Universities are the for-profit universities and colleges owned and operated by Laureate Education, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. In 2018, the company owns and operates more than 200 programs, both campus-based and online, in 25 countries. 

 To better serve our students and understand their needs, the organization must align its business and digital assets to behave as one.
– Key Result: Product delivery timelines reduced by 83%
– Key Result: SAP implementation saved $40M YoY
– Key Result: Data center consolidation reduced OPEX by $10M YoY, and provided real-time access to student data.   

 To more efficiently serve our students For Good, complete IPO as a Public Benefit Corporation. 
– Key Result: IPO on 2/1/17, raising $419M

 Leveraging partnerships with Microsoft, create a prototype of the University of the Future. 
– Key Result: Introduced augmented reality to dental students in South America. 
– Key Result: Using the Office 365 platform, assured that every student had access to the tools needed for academic success.