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Arlington Cemetary

Memorial Day 2020

As we roll into (this very odd) Memorial Day weekend, I would like to make an ask on behalf of my fallen brothers and sisters. In honor of them, please take some time this weekend to reach out to the medical professionals in your life.

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Adam Mattis Daily Stoic

True Agility.

This morning while reading a passage from The Daily Stoic, I found myself pondering the unrelenting war of what is, and is not, “Agile.”

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Adam Mattis SAFe Summit

Building your tribe.

For years I have heard idea that you will rise to the level of the five people closest to you. Though I certainly agree with the perspective, I have found it a difficult undertaking. Only recently did I begin to understand what this statement was really all about.

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Adam Mattis

Dear Mrs. Douglas

Dear Mrs. Douglas, You may not remember me. I was in your 7th grade English class, many years ago. I was an unremarkable student. My writing was poor, I rarely turned in an assignment, I read none of the assigned literature, and my participation in class was limited to scribbling algorithms in my notebook.

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Spilled Coffee

What I Read in 2019

In preparing to write this post, I have come to realize that I slacked in 2019 in terms of reading. My reading list is much shorter than in years prior. Improvement opportunity for 2020? Certainly. Even so, I learned a lot of great things in 2019.

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