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Adam Mattis and Einstein

The only HR policy a company (should) need.

through my years of work, research, and study within the realm of HR, I have come to the conclusion that nearly all HR policy exists to protect the organization from its own toxic culture. With that, I present you with the only HR policy you (should) need (and if you disagree, take a hard look at your culture.)

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Adam Mattis Chautauqua

Leadership as a Service (LaaS)

If we cannot master adaptive strategy, servant leadership, decentralized decision making, guidance-by-guardrail, and a technology-first perspective, at best, leaders will find themselves rapidly unemployed. At worst, we will face an economic landscape dominated by the tech unicorns.

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Adam Mattis SAFe Summit

Building your tribe.

For years I have heard idea that you will rise to the level of the five people closest to you. Though I certainly agree with the perspective, I have found it a difficult undertaking. Only recently did I begin to understand what this statement was really all about.

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Spilled Coffee

What I Read in 2019

In preparing to write this post, I have come to realize that I slacked in 2019 in terms of reading. My reading list is much shorter than in years prior. Improvement opportunity for 2020? Certainly. Even so, I learned a lot of great things in 2019.

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SQ5 Pikes Peak

Every Business is a Digital Business

For several years, I have been warning my clients that Digital Transformation was not optional. Audi has accepted that challenge, and won. From text-based communications to video walkthroughs with service technicians, Audi is winning the customer-centricity game.

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Jenelle Mattis with a flat outside of San Antonio, Texas

Objective Problem Solving

Often when something negative happens we are quick to formulate an idea about why “it” occurred. Unfortunately, our first thoughts are typically skewed based on our own bias.

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