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Welcome to the official blog of Adam Mattis. Through the years I have learned a lot, broken even more, gained insight to the world, and have built and tested some pretty cool things. This blog serves as a consolidation of those experiences for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and for my own record. Enjoy!

New Lab

10 Truths About Life as a Management Consultant

Management Consulting. The job that makes soon-to-be MBA’s salivate. While the job provides amazing opportunity and the work is intrinsically rewarding, it does come with a price. Here are ten truths I have learned about Management Consulting in my 15 years in the field.

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Adam Mattis: Mountain Biking

10 Business Lessons Learned While Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is my favorite way to unwind and refocus following a long week with a client. Through years of enjoying the focused solitude that the sport provides, I have been able to draw many lessons from the trail that help in business.

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Office Space

4 Evil (& 5 Good) Metrics

In a Lean environment, we embrace the philosophy of everyone measuring everything. In such an environment where measurement is encouraged, how is it that we end up with so many evil metrics? That is, metrics that drive undesirable behavior.
In this short article I will outline what constitutes good and evil metrics.

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Jenelle Mattis

8 Tips to Become a Better Listener

We all know that we should listen more and talk less. This article is intended to serve as a reminder for myself, and others, of quick-win tips to be a better, more engaged, listener.

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Craig Martin

Craig Martin || Treat People Well, Do Well

Craig is a Baltimore based entrepreneur and retailer. Listen as Craig shares his story of leaving an executive position in corporate America, to start his own specialty barber shop and eventually grow it to one of the most iconic department stores anywhere.

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