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Welcome to the official blog of Adam Mattis. Through the years I have learned a lot, broken even more, gained insight to the world, and have built and tested some pretty cool things. This blog serves as a consolidation of those experiences for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and for my own record. Enjoy!

Adam Mattis and Joe Vallone

Innovation w/ Joe Vallone

Innovation is a complex topic, and a word that is often misused across industries. Joe Vallone of Scaled Agile and I had the opportunity to catch up on the topic at SAFe Summit 2018 on an episode of Agile Amped.

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Adam Mattis Delta Airlines

A Case for Change Management

If you are honest with yourself, yes YOU sitting there in the bathroom on on your phone, and YOU sitting there at your desk reading this post in a partially minimized browser, YOU are bad at change.

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Adam Mattis: General Electric

BUREAUCRACY: Time of Death, 2018.

The model for modern business management was established more than 200 years ago and solidified by a company who was recently delisted from Dow Jones. It’s time for a new approach to business, and Haier may be on to something.

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Adam Mattis in Baghdad

Reflections of war.

enlisted in the U.S. Army, and I have just finished watching two hours of HBO’s “Generation Kill.” Though I feel so many things right now, the overwhelming feeling is “..where has the time gone?

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Disband the Innovation Lab

It’s a crisp Wednesday morning as I walk down the hallway of another client intent on reinventing their offering and approach to customer engagement. They say all of the right words, but do their organizational behaviors match the intent? Then, I see it, there in the distance. The glow coming from behind highly secured doors sitting in close proximity to the executive suite: the Innovation Lab. At that moment I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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Adam Mattis FedEx

AGILE HR: Resources for Humans (NOT Humans as Resources)

Organizations have been conflicted along their Agile journey, at odds with many of their own policies. With the broad-based adoption of Agile principles in product development, the ever-intensifying rate of change in a 2018 business environment, and record-low unemployment rates, the time has come, for Agile HR.

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