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Welcome to the official blog of Adam Mattis. Through the years I have learned a lot, broken even more, gained insight to the world, and have built and tested some pretty cool things. This blog serves as a consolidation of those experiences for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and for my own record. Enjoy!

Arlington Cemetary

Memorial Day 2020

As we roll into (this very odd) Memorial Day weekend, I would like to make an ask on behalf of my fallen brothers and sisters. In honor of them, please take some time this weekend to reach out to the medical professionals in your life.

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Adam Mattis Daily Stoic

True Agility.

This morning while reading a passage from The Daily Stoic, I found myself pondering the unrelenting war of what is, and is not, “Agile.”

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Adam Mattis and Einstein

The only HR policy a company (should) need.

through my years of work, research, and study within the realm of HR, I have come to the conclusion that nearly all HR policy exists to protect the organization from its own toxic culture. With that, I present you with the only HR policy you (should) need (and if you disagree, take a hard look at your culture.)

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Adam Mattis Chautauqua

Leadership as a Service (LaaS)

If we cannot master adaptive strategy, servant leadership, decentralized decision making, guidance-by-guardrail, and a technology-first perspective, at best, leaders will find themselves rapidly unemployed. At worst, we will face an economic landscape dominated by the tech unicorns.

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Adam Mattis SAFe Summit

Building your tribe.

For years I have heard idea that you will rise to the level of the five people closest to you. Though I certainly agree with the perspective, I have found it a difficult undertaking. Only recently did I begin to understand what this statement was really all about.

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