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Welcome to the official blog of Adam Mattis. Through the years I have learned a lot, broken even more, gained insight to the world, and have built and tested some pretty cool things. This blog serves as a consolidation of those experiences for your enjoyment, enlightenment, and for my own record. Enjoy!

Adam Mattis - Delta Diamond

Winning the customer with Experience Architecture

As the post-digital economy begins to boom and the worlds of business process and technology come together, it is time to think about how we optimize the whole from a unified customer-centric perspective. Some organizations have begun to master this perspective, others are just beginning.

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DevOps for all

DevOps’ing DevOps

How We Used DevOps to Rework Our DevOps Course There’s no faster way to kill a conversation among a non-technical crowd than to begin discussing DevOps. For

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SpaceX landing

What is innovation?

Do you work for an innovative company? If your leadership spends all of their time telling you how innovative they are, you probably do not.

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nerdy investment: Adam's networking cabinet

The best nerdy investment you can make.

What is the best nerdy investment you can make? Work from home has always been part of life as a traveling consultant, but the amount of time at home has increased dramatically. The answer to the question of best nerdy investment question, for me, is the Unifi networking platform from Ubiquiti Systems.

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Adam Mattis: Running the mountains

Why I broke up with Wix.

It has taken four weeks, but I am finally done. The amount of work involved in moving from Wix to WordPress was ridiculous, but a penance accepted for the lazy decision I made to use the Wix platform eight years ago.

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Wild Turkey

SAFe and Business Architecture

SAFe and Business Architecture. As organizations begin their Lean and Agile journey with SAFe®, SPCs will introduce a tool designed to help organizations determine the best, most logical place to launch their first Agile Release Train (ART). The Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop is designed to help organizations identify the sweet spot where an opportunity to deliver value intersects with a clear problem to solve, leadership support, a clear product or solution, and collaborating teams.

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Adam Mattis Denver, CO

The challenge of economic prioritization with WSJF

On the surface, the foundations of job sequencing in considering the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) prioritization schema seem logical. Do the smallest job with the greatest cost of delay first to deliver the greatest economic benefit. Though, in practice, it can be much more challenging.

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Adam Mattis Denver

10 Tips for Value Stream Identification

When deciding where to launch an Agile Release Train (ART), it can be tempting to look within existing organizational boundaries. But, considering Lean-Agile Principle #10, which reminds us to organize around value, we must challenge ourselves to look outside of our comfort zone, and consider a team more optimally focused on delivering value.

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