About Adam Mattis

Hi, I’m Adam. I help organizations solve hard problems, build cool stuff, and create authentic & engaging workplaces. 


 What is the biggest challenge facing business today? 

Figuring out how to thrive in the post-digital economy..


My goal is to help organizations survive, and people thrive, in the post-digital age.

I spend my days helping great organizations remain relevant by removing the walls that exist between products and the technology that enables them. The formula? The modularization of business and technical architecture, the optimization of value streams, product alignment, and reimagining the experience of employees and the customers they serve. 

Success is assured by leveraging tools from the Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, Experience Architecture, and Decision Science toolkits, allowing enterprises to move faster and better service customers and the world.

We begin by establishing a clear vision and optimizing the organization to build amazing product, fast. Results are scaled by flattening social structures, promoting economic decision-making methods, implementing more responsive financial models, and rethinking how we approach people.

Through the use of proven frameworks, positive influence, unforgettable facilitation, and the practice of Customer Centricity, results consistently yield happier customers, more engaged employees, and a healthier bottom line.

Me in 10 seconds?

I am a creator, advocate of clarity, triathlete, motocross racer, builder, speaker, and content publisher. 

Multipotentialite, introverted-extrovert, decisive, and seeker of alternate perspectives. 

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